Ecommerce Analysis

If you want to improve your ecommerce performance and provide your customers with a memorable shopping experience, then ecommerce analytics is exactly what you need. I specialize in a comprehensive evaluation of your online business with an emphasis on SEO and user experience (UX). For in-depth post-analysis advice, you can use Ecommerce Consultation or SEO Consultation to help you with next steps.

In-depth SEO diagnostics

We'll start with a detailed analysis of your online business from an SEO perspective. We will examine your site structure, keywords, content, meta descriptions and other important factors that affect your search engine rankings. We will identify opportunities for improvements to ensure that your online business is as visible as possible to potential customers.

User experience (UX) optimization

User experience is key to retaining customers and increasing conversions. I'll evaluate the design, navigation, loading speed, and overall usability of your site. Based on this analysis, I will provide specific recommendations for improvements that will lead to higher customer satisfaction and better sales results.

Action Plan

Not only will I provide you with a detailed overview of the state of your online store, but I will also develop a comprehensive action plan for implementing changes. This plan will include a prioritized list of adjustments and recommendations to help you improve your online business quickly and efficiently.

Long-term support

Analyzing an ecommerce site is not a one-time process. I offer long term monitoring and support to ensure that the changes implemented are delivering the expected results and your site is continually growing and improving.

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