About me

My journey started with a part-time job in a company with several online shops, where I got my first glimpse into the world of Ecommerce. Compared to the law I was studying, I was intrigued by the constant progress and dynamics of the field. I was completely immersed by this experience and have been in the industry ever since. Over time, I also started my own projects, which allowed me to experience the journey of an ecommerce entrepreneur first hand.

Over the years, through my own projects and working for various companies, I have gained valuable skills that have allowed me to deeply understand the needs and challenges of online businesses. In recent years, I have expanded this skill set to include knowledge in SEO, where I use my analytical thinking and ability to work with data.

My natural curiosity and desire to learn new things lead me to constantly push and expand my skills. I am analytical, methodical, and diligent, which allows me to effectively identify and capitalize the opportunities for growth and improvement.

My goal is to share my wealth of experiences and help other entrepreneurs grow in the online environment. I want to be the bridge between technical aspects and business success, delivering clear solutions and visible results.

Together, let's turn challenges into opportunities and take your business to the next level.

Let's start growing your business together.