Content strategy

Do you want your content to not only appeal to readers but also boost your SEO performance? Content strategy is the key to achieve these goals. I specialize in creating and implementing strategies that will improve your website's search engine rankings while reaching your target audience. For a deeper understanding and comprehensive approach to your online presence, you may consider a Complex SEO Analysis.

Advanced Keyword Research

It all starts with a thorough research and choosing the right keywords. I'll find out what words and phrases your target audience is using and incorporate them into your content to make it as relevant and appealing as possible to users and search engines.

Content tailored to your audience and goals

I'll create a content strategy tailored specifically to your audience and business goals. Whether it's blog posts, product descriptions or informational pages, I'll ensure that each piece of content is informative, engaging and optimized for SEO.

Long-term planning and sustainability

I will create an editorial plan for you that ensures regular and consistent production of quality content. This long-term planning will help your site grow and maintain good search engine rankings. Project Management may be necessary to effectively manage this process and integrate it into your broader business goals.

Optimizing and turning visitors into customers

I will focus not only on getting your content seen, but also on being effective in turning visitors into customers. I'll help you create a visitor journey that leads from first contact to conversion.

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