Complex SEO analysis

To understand how your website stands in the world of search engines, having a complex SEO analysis is the key to unlocking your potential. I will dive into every aspect of your website, from technical structure, to content and UX.

Technical SEO

As part of technical SEO, I will focus on improving your website's indexability. We'll find out how search engines perceive your site, and identify any technical obstacles that could be hindering your online visibility. Page speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, and URL structure are just the beginning.

On-page SEO

I pay special attention to the content of your site to ensure that it is not only engaging and relevant, but also well-optimized for the keywords that are important to your goals. This section includes Keyword Research and Content Strategy, which is essential for effective on-page SEO. I will review your meta descriptions, headings and text content to ensure that every element of your website is as relevant as possible to search engines and your target customers.

Off-page SEO

The off-page factors of your website will let you know how your website stands up against your competitors online. I will analyze your backlinks and social signals to reveal how your site is perceived by others. Quality and relevant backlinks can significantly improve your search engine rankings.

Content strategy

Not only will I review your existing content as part of the analysis, but I'll also help you develop a strategy for future content. This section is closely linked to the Ecommerce Analysis, which provides important information on how to present your products and services. From identifying key topics to planning your editorial calendar, I will ensure your content is fresh, relevant and targeted.

From analysis to implementation

Analysis is not just about assessing the current state of your website, but more importantly, taking practical steps to improve it. Based on my complex analysis, I'll present clear and actionable steps to strengthen your online presence and increase website traffic. Whether it's a minor tweak or a major strategic change, I'm here to help you get the results.

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